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About the Firm

Mark V. Spix, P.C. is the final successor in an evolution of small firms practicing in the southeast since 1981.  Over the years principals have died or retired, but the core concepts and founding philosophy of the firm has remained the same: the client always comes first-even before the problem or goal.  In fact the original business model for the firm and the model in place today has always been the same.
Specifically, the founding philosophy and business model that endures to date has been that small businesses and people with problems generally do not have unlimited budgets or resources to deal with organizing and building a business or dealing with a temporary problem.  Our mission is to act with the client in identifying the goal of the client or the problem to be resolved, agree upon a method of achieving the goal or resolving the problem that is economical and affordable and suits the nature of the goal or problem and then, achieve the goal or solve the problem.
For the client who enjoys engaging large law firms or firms that chase pyrrhic victories and paying higher prices than problems actually pose or goals actually require, we are not your choice for counsel.  For clients and customers who perceive that a problem of specific economic threat should be resolved at less than the economic threat or that goals should be achieved at a cost less than the benefits of the goal we are the ideal choice.

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